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Here at Leeds Student Radio, we’re pretty proud of all the exciting things our members get up to. So proud, in fact, that we just want to tell everyone.  It’s not that we want to take credit for their hard work and enthusiasm, but we like to think that LSR played a tiny little role in their success stories!

Dangerous Jag

Click here to read Dangerous Jag’s dangerously amazing blog!


Ever wanted to know what it’s like to camp in the Yorkshire Dales, surrounded by wonderful food and perfect music?  Well, you lucky little sunflowers, here is your chance.  Ex-Head of Music, Robbie Russell, gives you a quick round up of Beacons Festival 2014.  Click here to find out which food extraordinaire gets Robbie’s allusive and completely fictitious LSR Stamp of Approval, and which artist he calls ‘one of the most exciting names in Hip Hop’. 1.Beaconssign.-by-Bart-Pettman

Head to the Beacons Featival website for more info.  Early Bird tickets for Beacons 2015 are now on sale.

leeds fest

Arguably one of the best festivals to grace the UK’s summer every year, attracting some hundred thousand people to each event, Leeds Festival is almost upon us. Whether you wear skinny jeans and too much eye liner or have an obsession with triangles, Reading and Leeds is guaranteed to suite your musical tastes and to provide everything in between. It’s lucky that we trotted along to the local press day to meet the festival organisers and some local bands isn’t it? You lucky sods.



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